Making Change Happen

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About Us

At Nurture My Way we bring people together to learn from each other, share ideas, and turn big ideas into great schools and learning communities for children. We are focused on helping the UK reimagine schools and design and launch innovative, high-quality projects and programmes for their communities.

We do this through a range of creative and participatory approaches that are tailored to each community and organisation, always with the aim of building social connectedness.

We provide a range of support services because we believe in the power of modelling the kind of learning we want for children — and one size certainly doesn’t fit all. We work hard to enable educators with vision, passion and courage to transform their schools and communities.

NMW Pine Green

What We Stand For

Nurture believes that the purpose of education transcends preparation for school or a career. Within the complexities of education theory, practice, policy, and politics, we are creating a radical model of co-education; engaging educators, children, parents and practitioners with innovative projects designed to improve outcomes for children and their communities.

NMW Pine Green

What We Do

  • We catalyse change and innovation by partnering with courageous leaders, enabling you to feel anything is possible.
  • We build community because we're better together.
  • We create collective knowledge and expertise sharing research, strategies, toolkits, and hard-earned advice.
  • We champion agency by believing in the power of people to create change in their own lives.
How We Work

We work closely with communities and organisations to create, deliver, evaluate and sustain projects, policies and programmes that enable children to succeed in a world of change. We do this by working closely and collaboratively with individuals, organisations and their communities. Our process can be broken down as follows:

  • Start with a vision or a dream for the community
  • Explore new learning models that could work within that community
  • Human Centred Design thinking for that community
  • Prototype solutions tailored to that community
  • Evaluate and refine
  • Ensure sustainability